C121PX1/4TC - Template profile 9.5mm diameter

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Shank mounted bearing profilers are ideal for template guidance.

  • Use for rebating and trimming edges only.
  • Extra care must be taken to avoid cutter breakage.
9.5 mm
3/8 inch
25 mm
1 inch
63 mm
9.5 mm
Shank Diameter
1/4 inch
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B95 - Bearing 3/8 diameter x 1/4 bore B95

Bearings are shielded to prevent penetration of dust and grease packed for life.

  • They should not be cleaned with solvent or lubricated as this will dissolve the grease and cause premature bearing failure.
  • Scrape off any resin build-up.
  • Always check the tightness of the fixing screw before using cutter.
COLL/14A - Collar pack ror router cutter ref. 46/902. COLL/14A

Collar Packs are used for cutters with shank mounted bearings.

  • Packs include one collar, grub screw and hex key.


Bearing Guided Cutter Video

Our video guide on how to use your bearing guided cutters, the different types and applications.

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