FFP2A Mask


Lightweight Fold Flat Ergonomic FFP2 Respirator with HEPAC Filtration for protection against fine nuisance dust particles


Folds flat to keep in a pocket ready for use at all times.

Featherlight 9 gram weight for fatigue free day long wear.

Adjustable elastic straps for the best fit to your face.

Suitable for up to 8 hours use.

Soft fit with padded nose piece for day long comfort.

Efficient filtration for general nuisance dusts in the workplace (not MDF or Hardwoods).


  • FPP2 Filtration For Softwood Dust, sheet materials, (not MDF or hardwood) Fibreglass.
  • HEPAC Filtration High Efficiency Particulate Air Composite for enhanced particulate capture.
  • Efficiency Above 94% dust capture efficiency for increased respiratory protection.
  • Maximum Filtration Area entire surface area of the mask is the filter for highly efficient capture and easier breathing.
  • Comfort Fit adjustable nose clip for comfortable fit and tighter nose sealDay long.
  • Protection can be used for up to 8 hours.
  • Adjustable straps elasticated adjustable straps for better fit and increased comfort.
  • Lightweight weighs only 9 grams for day long comfort.
  • Fold Flat Design easily slips into a pocket when not required.