We offer thousands of unique and specialised products for hundreds of applications across multiple different trades and hobbiest activities.

Therefore, you may not have seen some off our exciting products which offer time saving soloutions for every user! Find below groups of products which we think can't go un-seen!

Intumescent Cutters

Rota-Tip Cutters

Ovolo Cutters

Slotter Cutters

Rebate Cutters

Cove Cutters

Dovetail Cutters

Ogee Cutters

Two Flute Cutters

Single Flute Cutters

Shoulder Scribe Cutters

V-Groove Cutters

You'll need a Router for your Cutters, so why not check out our brand new T12 & T14?

Routing On-Site Jigs

Routing Workshop Jigs

Template Jigs

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Trend Router RangeTrend Router Range

Guide Bushes


Router Table Accessories 

Extraction Accessories 

Explore our Routing Accessories

Sharpening Kits

Sharpening Stones & Files

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Storage Cases

Storage Bags & Boxs

Explore all of the Trend Storage Solutions

Safety Masks


Safety Accessories

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